Jingren Homestay

This hostel is located on a large plateau of Mt. Lala from where you have grand views of the surrounding mountainous area. In the vicinity are such scenic spots as Luofu Bridge, trails through lush forests, observation platforms where you can take in the scenery, orchards where you can pick fresh peaches, and much more. This place invites you to experience the refreshing natural environment of the Mt. Lala area. Among the local products you should try are glutinous-rice cakes, crispy plums, cherry wine, rice wine, peach wine, and bamboo shoots. You can also pick fresh flowers at calla lily fields.

Nearby Attractions:
Mt. Lala Scenic Area, Ancient Tree Area, Yeheng Terrace Fields, Youling Waterfall, Baling, Baling Bridge, Baling Stone Dam, Sialahe Ancient Trees, Sialahe Hot Springs, Ronghua Dam, Syuewunao Settlement, Luofu, Mt. Jiaoban Commercial Area, Siao Wulai Scenic Area, Mt. Dongyan Forest Recreation Area

Suggested Itinerary:
One-Day Tour
Mt. Lala Nature Reserve Syuewunao Settlement Baling Bridge Sialahe Hot Springs
Mt. Jiaoban Commercial Area Siao Wulai Scenic Area Luofu Bridge Ronghua Dam

Tariff (for two): NT$1,500 (excluding meals)
Food and Beverage: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Facilities: Tourist farm, hiking trails, insect education area, flower area, BBQ area, meeting room, car park
Check-in time: 3 p.m.
Check-out time: 12 p.m.
Online reservation: No
Credit card accepted: No

Reservation Information:
Tel: 886-3-391-2238/391-2588
Fax: 886-3-391-2577
Contact: Mr. Chen Sin-shou
Address: No. 59, 8 Lin, Hualing Village, Fusing Township, Taoyuan County
E-mail: tonychan830@pchome.com.tw

How to Get There:
From Taipei, take a train or bus to Taoyuan Station. Then take a Jhongli bus at Fusing Rd. near the station headed for Upper Baling. Get off at the last stop (Upper Baling).

Second Northern Freeway Dasi Cihhu Sanmin Fusing Luofu
Dawan Ronghua Gaoyi Sule Lower Baling Middle Baling to Yilan (Prov. Highway 7) Upper Baling Mt. Lala Ancient Trees Jingren Homestay